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S2 Smartech

is a place where you will find expert technical consultants at your service.
Founded in 2015, It is a consulting company where we take our projects very seriously. S2 Smartech focuses on web development, custom software development and embedded software and hardware design.
Our technical consultants expertise reside among the following fields.

  • Web Development and Design

    How do you take your website or web application to a more productive, interactive level? At S2 Smartech, we know. Using industry-leading development best practices and responsive design, our sites perform flawlessly across all platforms and devices – from Smartphone to wide screen monitors. We use clean, modern, readable code and continuous integration test cycles to ensure that your site presents a consistent message and feel.

  • Software Development

    We want to help you realize your idea, in the most efficient, and cost-effective way possible. Our staff is trained to help you get the most out of your software development budget while also making sure the software project you get delivered to you is the same as what it was intended to be. Need custom software? Discussing your project with our developers is a great way to begin.

  • Embedded Software Development

    S2 Smartech provides embedded software services for electronics manufacturers, helping them to develop embedded software solutions for high-tech projects. We build reliable software solutions that fit complex technical requirements of top-notch hardware manufacturers.  Our design and architecture ensures that embedded software successfully copes with multiple internal and external factors affecting its performance.

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We’re the brains behind the electronics and websites you use every day.  Our experts believe that technology doesn’t have to be complicated and unattractive.  So we work with our clients to make it beautifully simple. For more information on us, please visit S2 Smartech.